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28 February 2020

4x4 Accessories

ZOOM GARAGE is proud to announce that we are a Dobinsons dealer in Victoria. Established in 1953, Dobinsons are specialists in manufacturing high-performance coil and leaf springs for most types of passenger, 4WD commercial and heavy-duty vehicles. Dobinsons also supply suspension components and a growing range of 4x4 accessories.

Whether it be touring, hardcore off road, industrial, trade or everyday passenger vehicles Dobinsons have the quality products to make your vehicle look great and perform even better.

As a 4x4 owner and enthusiast, we fully understand the needs in having the right equipment installed to your 4x4. At ZOOM GARAGE, we have a full range of accessories to cater for your next 4x4 adventure. We are a fully equipped workshop and all accessories can be professionally installed by us.

Pop in to ZOOM GARAGE anytime with your 4x4 and talk to us about your needs. We will make sure your 4x4 is ready to conquer your next adventure.