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28 February 2020


There is always room for improvement when it comes to performance. Here are various options to create more horsepower from a stock engine.

Increase your air intake

Air resistance can compromise power from the engine. By changing to bigger air filters or custom re-positioning of your air filter can improve air flow and hence increase power.

Bigger exhaust

Air resistance or back pressure prevents exhaust fumes from exiting the cylinder smoothly and therefore reduces engine power. By changing to headers, bigger exhausts and straight through mufflers, we eliminate back pressure in the exhaust system, allowing free flow and ultimately improve engine performance.

Tune your vehicle or upgrade computer chip

Each stock vehicle comes preset to its current air intake, fuel intake and exhaust setup. By tuning your vehicle and/or upgrading your computer chip, you change the stock settings to suit your modifications. 

Change heads and cams (not for the faint-hearted)

For people who are chasing a lot more power, they have the option of changing cams and heads. This is however, an extensive process whereby the original cams and heads are removed and replaced. This option is a lot more costly and time consuming.

ZOOM GARAGE offers a wide range of bolt-on modifications such as exhaust, OTRs, CAMS, etc. ZOOM GARAGE is affiliated with Chequered Tuning. We tune your vehicle to match your modifications yet ensuring vehicle reliability.